McMurry University Withdraws NCAA D.II Membership Bid

ABILENE, Texas – The McMurry University Board of Trustees has voted to withdraw the school’s provisional NCAA Division II membership bid and remain in NCAA Division III for all of its athletic programs.

“After reviewing the information available from the last two years and carefully considering all our options, the board has decided that NCAA Division III is a more appropriate fit for the University moving forward,” Board Chairman Chuck Fallon said. “We understand this will be a difficult adjustment for our student athletes, their families and for our athletic coaches. The McMurry administration will work closely with all those affected to provide assistance in making this transition.”

The University said it will continue to honor athletic aid covering tuition at the level currently being received by the affected student athletes for two years as long as they are participating in their sport.

“This decision is one part of an overall wide-ranging plan which will be implemented by new President Dr. Sandra Harper to continue McMurry’s academic excellence and achieve financial stability,” said Fallon.

“The Board believes remaining in NCAA Division III better reflects the mission, educational philosophy and financial structure of smaller liberal arts programs such as McMurry’s. We look forward to working with Dr. Harper to achieve this vision.”

McMurry will be reviewing possible NCAA Division III conference affiliations but has not yet determined a timeline for making those decisions.

McMurry has had a long and successful history of competing as a non-athletic scholarship school in both the NAIA and NCAA Division III as a founding member of both the Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association (NAIA) and the American Southwest Conference (NCAA III).  

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3 responses to “McMurry University Withdraws NCAA D.II Membership Bid

  1. Michael Hutchison

    Bravo for President Harper and the Board. At a time when many liberal arts colleges are unsure of their mission, it is good to know that McMurry understand the role of athletics in DIII as well as the financial implications of such a decision. All are to be commended.

    Mike Hutchison, ’87

  2. Cameron Withers

    Why only honor athletic schloarships for 2 more years? What about the freshman class who are on athletic schloarships? Thanks for choosing McM, but sorry, you are on your own for your senior year. McM should contiue to honor these “contracts” for the remainder of their athletic career.

  3. mike

    In regards to men’s soccer, DII was the best place for McMurry. There are only two DI men’s soccer programs in Texas and the Heartland conference was the best place for STUDENT Athlete’s to be given an opportunity within a competitive NCAA DII schedule. Interestingly the Heartland conference gave successful men’s soccer programs and their schools the ability to go to NCAA DI (meaning advancing-not going backwards). It is all about preparing student’s to be athletes (with options) and have great academic options, of which McMurry could have done with NCAA DII. The McMurry board made a mistake and it is very sad you are removing this option for Texas male Student athletes.

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