Dr. Larry Sharp Attends Convention of Texas Association of Advisors for the Health Care Professions

Dr. Larry Sharp

Dr. Larry Sharp has just returned from the
Texas Association of Advisors for the Health Professions conference, held in Ft. Worth this past week.

Dr. Sharp attended a number of sessions, and was particularly interested in the ongoing conversation about aligning the MCAT to competencies rather than specific coursework.  Pre-med candidates should go visit with Dr. Sharp!

He was recognized, along with pre-professional advisors at other institutions, for working with the Joint Admission Medical Program.  McMurry has had two students accepted into this program:  Miranda Nguyen and Bryce Stash.  Bryce is currently in his second semester at Texas Tech School of Medicine, and Miranda is still enrolled at McMurry.

Dr. Sharp was particularly interested in a chart that shows the 2008-2010 data on how MCAT scores and GPA predict acceptance into medical school.  As you might expect, a high score on the MCAT can balance a lower GPA, but the ranges are narrow.  He will be sharing new information with the PREP class in the immediate future.

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